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Seraphina has been bellydancing for fourteen years and teaching for nine. She has a total of over twenty years of dance experience. In 2004, she created her own style of bellydance titled Otaku Bellydance. This style is the combination of tribal fusion bellydance with traditional Japanese dance, martial arts and a touch of cosplay performed entirely to anime/video game soundtracks. Since the debut of Otaku Bellydance, many dancers have copied the style in both North and South America. A compliment to Seraphina's unique vision. Seraphina has since changed the name of her creation to "Otaku Fusion Bellydance" to give further credit to its base style of tribal fusion. Aside from performing, she currently teaches tribal fusion bellydance classes and continues to cosplay at most conventions. Her newest project is her troupe, Gypsy Blues Bellydance, who have performed alongside both regional and national bands. Seraphina is available for performances, panels and workshops.

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