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Cay Combs

Nerd Tron Studios
Omaha, NE

Cay Combs more widely known as "Kid Dynamite" is definitely one person who is hard to forget. Due to either his side splitting comedic anecdotes, or his immense amount of energy he brings with him where ever he goes. Cay has been doing comedy since 2004 when he was asked to stall for time during a large awards ceremony for a friend. It was at that moment he then realized he had a knack for making people laugh and forget their problems or the stress surrounding them. Cay also has been singing and playing acoustic guitar and doing improvisation for 10yrs, which he mixes with Anime and Sci fi comedy that will keep you laughing for hours on end. Along with taking his comedic nerd (anime/sci fi) based panels and stand up comedy to anime and sci fi cons around the Midwest and East Coast, Kid Dynamite has began branching out to other areas. Debuting later this year will be his web comic entitled "Nerd Tron" also later this year he will be releasing his line of t-shirts and accessories called "Busy Robot Love". He has also began DJing dance parties locally in his hometown under the Nerd Tron name. So be it comedy, music, or art, you can definitely say hes got his hands full. However he still makes time for World of Warcraft and all the other video games he plays. You can always catch him playing on his laptop in hotel lobby during con down time. Make sure when you see him to offer up a "high five" cause hes all about high fives.

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