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St. Louis, MO

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Akiba has a new little sister, Yuka-Pon! Yuka-Pon has proved with some hard work, dedication, and a pair of cat ears, that dreams really can come true. She can now rightfully call herself an Akiba Idol. Performing on numerous occasions on stages in Akiba, and across Tokyo, she won the hearts of her fans, producers and agencies alike. She performed alongside some of Akiba's most esteemed idols, and was recognized by one of her biggest inspirations. With a single being released in Japan early 2012, a secret collaboration, an interactive game, and more, she is really living large as an Akiba idol! She juggles upcoming projects, music, and still manages to post new videos on her YouTube, and answer questions from fans and supporters on her blogs. She loves nothing more than performing on stage, just for all of her Oniichans and Oneechans. She embodies the 'moe' little sister character, and is truly the embodiment of one of her catchphrases, magical.

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