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Raveman exploded on the scene after a Chosen's old Subsonic Factor member T.Kimura, Japanese Dj Gee (GTS), & and another good friend Motsu aka US Tom (More Deep) decided to put together a Dance unit with Chosen once again taking his place as frontman. The unit had tons of success in the Japanese dance scene. The debut album called "Pumpin" in fact had multiple songs chart very well in the Japanese club charts. Raveman shows were full of energy which was a perfect fit to the high octane dance music. The Raveman name is iconic in the Japanese Dance scene and there are tons of Japanese artists whom have had mixes of their music produced by Raveman. Raveman music has also been featured in Japanese Anime such as the song called "Shin-chan" which was featured in the very popular Japanese Anime by the same name. Even though the group was mainly known as a Techno Dance act, the music knew no boundaries such as the track "Gotta Be Funky" which was a hip-hop track with r&b flavor & the jungle styled track called "Jungle Bells. Tracks like these showcased Chosen's smooth rap skills and patented lyrical word play.

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