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Laura J. Underwood sometimes wonders if she was influenced by all those books she used to place on the floor and walk on as a child before she started reading them, or if it is just the plain fact that her entire family likes to tell stories, and she likes to write stories down. She is the author of HOUNDS OF ARDAGH, DRAGON'S TONGUE, ARD MAGISTER, SONG OF SILVER and most recently, THE CITY UNDER THE BRIDGE and WANDERING LARK. Her short fiction has been seen everywhere from Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine to anthologies such as TURN THE OTHER CHICK, BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE, SWORD AND SORCERESS, and is forthcoming in STRIP MAULED, FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES and THE BOOK OF TENTACLES and a host of others. When not writing, she is a librarian who lives in East Tennessee with her folks and a cat that needs a brain transplant (because she has concluded that he doesn't have one--really). She is an active member of SFWA and a member of the SFWA Musketeers who likes to play with pointy steely objects from time to time.

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