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Elaine Cunningham is a New York Times bestselling fantasy author whose publishing credits include twenty novels, over two dozen short stories, two short story collections, three novellas, and a graphic novel. Best known for her tie-in fiction, she has focused primarily on the Forgotten Realms but has also written novels and short fiction in the Star Wars extended universe, EverQuest, Spelljammer, Ravenloft, and Pathfinder (Paizo Publishing). A pair of Changeling Detective novels provided a digression in urban fantasy, and a paranormal mystery novella entitled "Beyond Dreams" was included in the anthology Beyond Magic. (Tor, 2008) Elaine is currently working on a series of fantasy "e-riginals" in a world of her own creation. Her next conventionally published release will be The Serpent's Daughter, a Forgotten Realms novel coming in 2012. A former teacher, she frequently leads writing workshops and critique groups.

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