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Mort Todd

Mort Todd

Comic Artist / Writer
New York, NY

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Mort Todd was raised in Yarmouth, Maine and moved to New York City after high school where he soon got involved in comics and film production. He has served as writer, artist and/or editor at Marvel Comics, DC, Fantagraphics and other publishers. Mort became Editor-in-Chief of the infamous Cracked magazine at 23, where he also started the popular Monsters Attack title. At Marvel he launched the Marvel Music line, working personally with the Rolling Stones, KISS, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and other talents to create comics based on their bands. He has collaborated with a wide variety of comic legends ranging from Steve Ditko, Don Martin and John Severin to Dan Clowes, Neil Gaiman and Peter Bagge. Characters he has written or drawn include Superman, Spider-Man, Disney's Gargoyles and Speed Racer. Mort has animated for Sesame Street, CBS and MTV. His company Comicfix publishes comic books and creates animation and music videos. He is currently animating a series based on one of his comics with Iggy Pop as voice actor. While in Maine over the last month, Mort has done cartoon ads for companies like Nosh restaurant and WMPG and a cover for GO magazine. Lately he has been developing a crime drama TV series to be set and shot in Maine. See more of his work at and

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