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Brian "Kuragiman" Navy

Brian "Kuragiman" Navy

Otaku High Photography
Dallas, TX

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Brian "Kuragiman" Navy is the owner and operator of Otakuhigh Cosplay Photography based out of Dallas, Texas. He has been shooting cosplay photography for a decade now and watching anime since he was two years old, when he figured out what a TV ON button was for and switched on Speed Racer by accident. From there he grew and jumped into Starblazers, Robotech and at last bought his first anime on VHS; AKIRA. His desire to cosplay but lack of any skills resembling sewing forced him into a life of indentured servitude to the cosplayers he loves so much as a Cameko (Cosplay Photographer). He retired in 2012 but after an epic level Superman like journey to find himself he has returned to the cosplay scene with a vengeance and all new gear that is sure to up the ante of quality to the next level.

Brian is one of the founding members of the Texas Metroplex Cosplay Coalition (TMCC), one of the largest organized cosplayer groups in Texas. TMCC actively participates in charity events such as Extra Life; Play Games, Heal Kids and have organized cosplay visits to local area hospitals to cheer up sick kids. TMCC hosts A Moment of Zen which is an annual gathering of Texas cosplayers to do massive outdoor public photoshoots to help hone those posing skills and for cosplayers to get together and share their love of the art and tips for better costume making.

Apart from Cosplay photography, he enjoys writing sci-fi/fantasy literature, working on his mad painting skills in Photoshop and nerds out with pen and paper roleplaying games as a seasoned storyteller. His favorite color is purple and if you ever need to bribe him to do something for you just toss blue Gatorade at him. He will be your loyal servant for at least 15 minutes. And if you can't tell from the photo above, he loves Vocaloids with great passion. Vocaloid cosplay gets special love! <3

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