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Melissa Cowan

Covington, GA

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Melissa Cowan is a 30 year old mother of 2 who is following her dreams and becoming a well known actress. Melissa loved to act in high school; acting has always been a passion of hers. Melissa was working in HR, she quit her job to stay home her 2 kids, as the time went by she started noticing all of the TV shows and movies being filmed in Atlanta where she lives. Originally she started doing extra work just to get out of the house and earn a little extra money. As the time went by, Melissa became more and more popular and sought after by other casting agents. Her hard work and determination finally started paying off when she started landing bigger and better roles, such as a vampire, zombie etc...

Her most popular role to date is as "Bicycle Girl" in The Walking Dead, in which her zombie character "bicycle Girl" is being called a legend, Best zombie EVER, and zombie of the year!!!

Melissa has been in more than 10 movies and 7 TV shows. Some of her favorites are, The Vampire Diaries, Halloween 2, Past Life, Lottery Ticket, Hall Pass, Drop Dead Divas, Meet the Browns, House of Payne, and the list goes on. Melissa also has 2 BIG projects in the works that she hopes to be able to talk about soon, this is not over for her, only beginning!

Melissa loved being a tomb vampire in the Vampire Diaries and everything else in between that she has played. She also gets to play a neighbor in the new Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhamel's movie "Life as we know it", she has done various things for Tyler Perry, and tons of other stuff.

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