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For the past decade Brian Mah has worked in a wide variety of fields. His experiences led him to be a writer for a foreign language newspaper in Tokyo, a production assistant filming Hollywood stars visiting Tokyo, and designing logos for two IEEE symposiums.

Brian was born in Columbus, Ohio to a Korean immigrant family. His family endured deep hardship and adversity. It was the hard work and dedication of Brian's grandmother who brought the family together.

At an early age, Brian had a deep appreciation of art. He developed and honed his skill as an artist to the delight of family and friends. He learned from the best teachers he could find. In Middle School he joined the group, Muse Machine, a Dayton area theatrical and visual arts organization. He also attended drawing classes at the famed Dayton Arts Institute. His hard work paid off in the winter of 1995 when he was formally accepted into the School of Visual Arts in New York. He learned the basic principles of animation, life drawing, story development, and production from veteran artists, such as Howard Beckerman and Don Duga. In the summer of 1999 Brian earned a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, majoring in Animation.

Brian comes from a family of artists. His uncle, Hyunn Kim, created the Tiger mascot "Hodori" for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. His other uncle, Charles (Rahi) Chun, is a Hollywood actor. He acted in such films as "Dumb and Dumber" and on the TV series "Scrubs."

Brian spends much of his free time writing stories, designing, cooking, reading manga, and watching anime. He is a strong supporter of artists' rights. He was a member of ASIFA and GAG.

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