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Christopher Hart is the world's leading author of top-quality, art instruction books for learning how to draw cartoons, manga, and many other popular styles of art.

Christopher Hart's books have sold over 3.5 million copies domestically, and have been translated into over 20 languages. He is the top author at Watson-Guptill Publications, the art imprint of Random House. Chris is also published by the Soho Publishing Company, which has sold an additional half a million of his books.

Chris hosts the TV segments, "How To Draw Action Heroes With Chris Hart" for the Comcast TV Network, on the Activity TV Channel. Having been selected as Howcast's drawing expert, Chris just completed taping 20 exciting tutorials, which are being made available for public viewing on Youtube, Hulu and other popular sites. (Howcast is one of Time magazine's top 50 websites of 2011.)

Among his titles, 29 of Chris' books have Top-50 Best-Sellers in the nation in the overall "Art" category, as reported by Neislen Booskcan, the publishing industry's premier ratings system, which is the same company that runs the famous Nielsen Television ratings system.

Chris' first book on manga, "Manga Mania: How To Draw Japanese Comics," was the number one selling book in the country for over a year. His books have held the number one, two and three positions in the overall "Art category on Bookscan - simultaneously:

1) Manga Mania: How to Draw Japanese Comics
2) Anime Mania
3) Drawing Cutting Edge Comics.

The first book in Chris' series, "Manga For the Beginner: Everything You Need to Start Drawing Right Away," reached the top-50 list, and has remained there, continuously,- for over 2 1/2 years, since its initial publication, in 2008.

And in 2010, all 3 titles in Chris's new, "Manga for the Beginner" series leapt onto Bookscan's top 50 list at the same time. As of December, 2011, all 3 titles in the series remain on the list:

1. "Manga For The Beginner"
2. "Manga For The Beginer: Chibis"
3. "Manga For The Beginner: Shoujo"

In 2011, Chris' new board game came out, "Cartoon It!" This new drawing game is published by the Thinkfun toy and puzzle company, and was co-invented by award winning game designer, Joyce Johnson. The game is based on Chris's original cartoons and How-To-Draw techniques, and features his name on a splash on the cover. In the same year it was released, "Cartoon It!" won the following awards:

-The Parent's Choice Award for 2011.
-Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award - 2011
-Best Toys Guide "Best Board Game" - 2011
-Parents Choice Recommended Award - 2011
-Dr. Toy Best 100 Products Awards - 2011

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