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Ryan "Inthul" Burke

Dominion Method Gaming

Inthul made his presence known at NECX 09 where he placed within top 50, out of 250 competitors. Not bad for someone who people have never heard of but after NECX 09, they did remember who he was. His style and high tier skill as he uses Fei Long to go through the other fighters is pure enjoyment to watch. He rocks his Bose headphones as he gets into the zone and putting fear into his opponents, but do not underestimate him because he is a pad player. He was asked what type of skill he would bring at every tourney. He said "100% Fei Long shenanigans."

Inthul also made a profound impact at ECT2, where he not only took 3rd place out of over 300 players, he beat some of the top players including Sandford Kelly and Arturo Sanchez, taking home the MVP award right after he was eliminated by Flash Metriod.

After ECT2, given the name of "PadLong", Inthul started the Fei Long movement, making players check out the Fei Long character thread on SRK. The thread reached over 1,000 views within 20 mins. Inthul is part of the future in competitive gaming and alongside his fellow DMG brethren; he takes his first steps of being one of the very best in the Street Fighter 4 community.

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