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Rene "Kor" Maisty

Dominion Method Gaming

Kor is a name that is known throughout the Tekken community. It is known in the halls of the MLG arenas and the name is respected on the grandest stage of them all; EVO. However the name is just a name, it's the person that can make the name an honorable one.

Kor is well respected for his talent on the pad, he is respected for what he put into the Tekken community and he is respected for his accomplishments.

He just recently was crowned the Evo2K11 Tekken 6 Grand Champion. When asked which one of all of the championships he has won, which is favorite. He simply stated, "Nothing beats the feeling of being the Grand Champion in the tournament that truly matters."

2011 is just about over but what a year for him and 2012 will be a bright future for Kor as he leads the way for the DMG Tekken division into new heights.

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