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Sean was born on August 13th 1965 in NYC. He started doing Anime for Scott Houle and Coastal Carolina Recording Studios kind of by mistake. He went to watch some people audition for "Rupan, The Fuma Conspiricy". He was asked if he wanted to read for the part of "Jigen". He did the best gravelly voice that I could and a week or two later Scott called him and told him that he got the part. Sean has done several titles for CCR and always had a ton of fun seeing what new characters he could come up with. He would have to say though that his favorite part he ever done was that of "Roki" the very large and not too bright, lovable villian from the "Crusher Joe" series. "Roki was so much fun to do and really let me "overact" with his character." Sean still tries to look for v/o work when he has the time and encourages everybody to give it a try.

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