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IRUMA RIOKA is a Japanese singer and song writer. She plays the piano and also the accordion. Since her childhood, she has been playing piano and studying composition. Known for keeping her hair long, she has often been called "Rapunzel," like the character from Grimm Brothers' fairy tales.

IRUMA RIOKA does all of her own composition, lyrics, and arrangement. Her melodies, based on her classical music background, catch her listeners' ears, where they linger for a long time. Her compositions, and especially her waltz-based songs, pull the listener into a world of her own creation.

She has also composed and sung the theme songs of several love animation games for PSP and PC.

She always performs concerts with her support guitarist, NEMU, donned in Gothic-Lolita style costumes, and the audience never tires with their high-level performances.

IRUMA RIOKA has appeared on the stages of Japan Expo 2011 in France, several cities in Mexico, Switzerland, and many other locations inside and out of Japan. She has fans all over the world.

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