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Who Asked You? started back on October 22nd, 2007 by five regular guys who wanted to entertain listeners with thier quirky opinions on pretty much everything. Whether it be current or old movies, comic books, beer, sex, TV, what they had for dinner the night before or whatever, it all gets covered. The show is produced by Chase Shumway who also hosts it with four other fellows: Charlie "The Cheese" DeLong, Mike Reddic, Jabari Tiffith and Dennis Wright.
The point of Who Asked You? is not to have the latest breaking news on any given subject, or to have exclusive interviews with celebrities, but rather to give you something funny and entertaining to listen to for an hour each week while you work, clean, drive, exercise or do whatever it is you do. The show's goal is to make you feel as though you're sitting around having a drink with friends like it's a Friday night and you're just hangin' out.

New episodes of Who Asked You? go up on the site every Monday at 3pm/PT. But you can hear the show LIVE on ErrorFM.com Sundays at 8pm/PT.

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