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Hikaru Kondo established the animation studio "ufotable" in 2000. As a producer, he worked on the 7-theatrical movie series "The Garden of sinners," "Futakoi Alternative," "Manabi Straight," "Tales of Symphonia" and others. Most recently, he produced the TV Series "Fate/Zero," "the Garden of sinners -Final Chapter-" as well as directed "Black Rock Shooter the Game."

In Japan, ufotable opened the first "ufotable café" at its Koenji Studio to promote interaction with fans. With the success of the first shop, the company opened a second café at Tokushima Studio, followed by the "ufotable dining" restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In addition, in March 2012 it built the "ufotable CINEMA" in Shinjuku, the first movie theater built by an animation company in Japan.

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