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Shadow Clone is an artist born originally from the aggregation of the interests of Shadow Clone himself. With his love of hip hop, anime/manga, video games and the generally nerdy, he developed a hobby of making music that he himself enjoyed. Every now and then, someone would hear Shadow Clone's music and express their interest in hearing more. They would give him suggestions of anime to watch, manga to read, games to play, etc, and he would make music while taking those suggestions into account. Now Shadow Clone has been inspired by a number of people and their suggestions, and continues to make music that those people and he himself can enjoy.

Shadow Clone the Person
I make Nerdcore hip hop music, specializing in Japanese anime/manga, but I dabble in most to all geek genres. I make all my music because I want to, and because I enjoy making it. I have no interest in fame or fortune. My only interest is to make music that I enjoy listening to. If other people like it, that's cool, if not, oh well. I don't believe in pursuing music for profit. Music is the voice of the planet and should be free and available to all. I strictly follow this philosophy, and thus do not charge for my music. All of my songs are, have been, and always will be free to download online , and I do not charge for performances. Everything you hear in a song and see on stage was born solely from my passion for making music that we can all enjoy. Thanks for listening!

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