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Jason Libby

Game Designer
Dilly Green Bean Games

Jason Libby was born in Portland, ME and grew up in Limington, ME. As a child Jason loved to read comic books and later learned about the joys of RPGs. He taught his best friend, Jason Amerkanian, how to play Marvel Superheroes, a game which became an all weekend gig. Jason was also heavily involved with Boy Scouts and loved the water, spending weeks on end in the summer swimming at his grandparent's camp on big Sebago. Jason also began to LARP (Mind's Eye) at USM in '94, when it was fresh and new. He later joined the Navy, placing him in Great Lakes, Philadelphia (with Jason Amerkanian) and Texas. Illness brought Jason back to Maine, but he continued his Navy career. After many trials and tribulations with his illness, Jason beat it, left the Navy and began to go to USM as an English Major. Jason is married to his beloved wife and currently plays Mr. Mom for work. He is also the founder of Fuzion Forum, a yahoo group dedicated to promoting the Fuzion game system.

Jason has written one RPG Gamer's Guide to the Guardian Universe: UN Specials. He was also written under a pen name for Battlefield Press and currently writes for a Fuzion webzine Catalyst.

Dilly Green Bean Games was created by Jason Amerkanian and Jason Libby. The name taken from the dilly green bean pickles they used to eat during our all weekend game sessions.

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