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Dave Lister

Studio Nasu
Richmond, VA

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Some say that Dave Lister is made of Legos. This is false. Composed mostly of coffee, Dave has learned to work without unnecessary things like sleep (though this may also be speculation, as he is often observed face-down on his laptop). Dave got his roots in the industry by accidentally creating the webcomic, Paradox Lost in early 2000. Though it was intended simply to be a means for Dave to polish his art and writing skills, its success led to the founding of Studio Nasu. Since then, Dave has written, illustrated, voice acted, and composed music for comics, magazines, retailers, video games, children's books, websites, radio stations, and one very small, mechanical narwhal (which may have resulted in saving the world from destruction at the hands of zombie guppies.)
Keep up to date with the latest games, animations, comics and other projects currently in the works at www.studionasu.com.

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