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Years before the Fallout 4 nuclear apocalypse, he was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a cosplayer, filmmaker, and world traveler. Each of these talents, helped Uke produce the cosplay documentary Cosplayer Nation (co--founded by CEO/Founder Joshua Adams) which features cosplayers all over America. In addition, he co--runs the Cosplayer Nation communities (links below), where he's a mentor to its "citizens" and manages a press group of 40+ journalists. All this, while putting together the documentary; but wait there's more.

Cosplayer Nation has since won 3 awards, at Florida Supercon, New York Comic Con Superweek, and Tucson Comic Con. It also screened at film festivals hosted by Boston Comic Con, Gen Con Indy, WorldCon, and Geekfest Film Fest. Uke Li has been a guest at cons, doing panels on the making of this successful cosplay documentary & community.

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