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Nylon Pink is an edgy pop-rock band formed in Hollywood California. United by a mutual love for Guns N Roses, fashion, and all things pink, the electro rock embody the Hollywood lifestyle, blended with a dose of anime and rock and roll. They have been called one of Los Angeles's sexiest, glitziest bands, picked as 2011 Artist on the Verge by ReverbNation and The New Music Seminar and were just nominated for Pop Artist of the Year by the LA Music Awards.The girls have just released their new EP, with songs already featured on MTV's The Jersey Shore, The Hills, The City, The Real World and The Bad Girl's Club.

Nylon Pink is comprised of lead vocalist Kaila Yu, bassist Kit.E.Katt, lead guitarist Kiki Wongo drummer Jamie Scoles, and keyboardist Yuki Ito. Nylon Pink formed around two years ago with core members Kaila Yu and Kit.E.Katt. The recent additions of Kiki,Yuki and Jamie make Nylon Pink the only all girl Asian-American pop/rock band in America today. With driving hooks, catchy riffs, and a cute but deadly image, Nylon Pink is set to conquer the world.

The girls go beyond being great musicians-- they want to create an experience and a lifestyle for their fans. Nylon Pink has also created a jewelry and clothing line which is inspired by their music, lyrics and lifestyle called Hello Drama Designs. Their designs recently been featured on Nicky Minaj, The Pussycat Dolls, Kat Von D and Courtney Love among others.
Prior to Nylon Pink, Kaila was a seasoned solo artist and a Myspace notable. She was one of the top artists Myspace with over 9 million hits and 440K friends. She was picked by Rolling Stone Magazine in their annual HOT LISTas an artist to watch .

Katt is on the bass and is designer/ stylist for Hello Drama Jewelry whose past credits include designing for Victoria's Secret, Tonetto, La Blanca.& Volcom.

Kiki Wongo is on lead guitars, she's a killer guitarist with a heavy metal background who moonlights as a fashion model.

Jamie Scoles is the baby of the band, the drumming virtuoso, talented enough to be recently featured as top artist of the year by RAWartists.org as a solo drum artist at The Henry Fonda Music Box, she is the solid backbone of the band

Nylon Pink is sponsored by Schecter Guitars, Michael Antonio Shoes, Pearl Drums, Syc Fuk Clothing, Syc Luv by Holly Madison, Zildjian Cymbals, J Valentine, Korg.

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