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It was in 1999 that I saw in a Mexican Official Nintendo Magazine for the very first time a Pikabug, there I read and know there was only 10 Pikachu VW Beetle in the world. I was 16 years old when I saw it and said to myself "I will have it, that will be my first car someday." It was in 2007 when Pika5 was sold at auction, there were a couple of them in the same used car dealership. At first I couldn't believe it was real, but I email and know more about it. They just show me some pictures and I could tell it was missing its ears and tail. But from the inside still had the TV where they showed Pokémon commercials in the events where Pikabug was. That was enough to convince me it was real. Gamer, born in Mexico and Otaku. I went all the way from New Jersey to Monterrey, Mexico driving it (2000+ miles). One of the most fun adventures I had.

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