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Mortimer Glum began his career in illustration 22 years ago while living in South jersey. He works 8-12 hours a day, 7 days a week on his obsession with the macabre.
Morty moved to Maine at age 18 and started working for local comic book companies illustrating comics like The Scorpion, Warcat, and Manshadow. He has also provided spot illustrations for articles that appeared in TSR's Dragon Magazine (now Wizards of the Coast). His work has also appeared in Fangoria magazine, on CDs from bands such as The End of Everything, Blue Collar Product, Suicide City, Colepitz, Vertigod, & Ground to Dust, and books such asSunday Resurrection & Exit Strata.
With a focus on horror and apocalyptic imagery, his art quickly found its way onto the big screen for several local productions like Adele & The Wrong House as well as one national production entitled Backgammon. Morty currently works as a contributing concept artist for the Shoggoth Assembly special effects group, designs flyers for event nights such as Gothic Maine's "PLAGUE", is the illustrator for the graphic novel Escape from Jesus Island as well as a one off comic called I Spill Your Guts out of NYC, co-owns a silk screen company called Mint Pig Printand privately teaches art to young and aspiring weirdos from all over the state.
He currently lives in Gorham with his wife, two cats, and a mini-pig named Barnabas, who he is secretly training to "dispose of the evidence" just in case such a thing became an issue.

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