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Blending together ambient beats, gothic rock, and foreign influences, Angel Anatomy brings you the two haunting voices of Anya St. James and Lorelai Lyn. Once friendly competitors, they decided to join forces to create the singing duo they are today. Lorelai specializes in ethnic instruments, piano, harp, and flutes, while Anya excels at choreography and songwriting. Both have come together to deliver stunning performances to both national and international audiences, enchanting them with their visuals and unique sound. They have worked with several industry professionals over the years and have performed at local and out-of-state anime conventions, private events, and parties. The Angels had the amazing opportunity to open for iconic video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and his band, the Earthbound Papas, in October 2012. They are expected to release a brand new EP in 2013.

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