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Byron Connell can usually be found running the green rooms of masquerades, but when he does enter it's in the Master division, ever since he was part of Torcon III's best-in-show entry. His first Costume-Con was CC 3 and he has participated in nearly every Costume-Con since. He's run the masquerades at Arisia and Philcon and two World Science Fiction Conventions, Anticipation (2009) and Chicon 7 (2012). Byron was Archon 25's Costuming Guest of Honor in 2001, Albacon 2005's co-Fan Guest of Honor, and Lunacon 2006's Fan Guest of Honor. He is a member of the Sick Pups (New Jersey-New York Costumers' Guild), the SLUTs (St. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society), and the Armed Costumers' Guild. Byron is a past President of the International Costumers' Guild, which honored him with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

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