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the audio pool are modern five peace japanese emotional rock band in Tokyo Japan. They were established in 2009, in Chiba, Japan. Chiba is one of small suburb town around metropolitan Tokyo. but the small town is actually most famous town as " Rock Band Town". It is like the relationship New York City and Brooklyn. BUMP OF CHICKEN, KISHIDAN and Ellegarden , many of famous japanese rock band are flied high from Chiba city. And now a days, they became most sensational rock band in the world. the audio pool is surely the band who's standing on the runway to fly high for next generation. Their first debut album " Into the pool" was released by binyl records/Poptop in 2012. Their perfect song writhing which is washed and mixed thier own personality and musical DNA created one but diamond killer tune" Watershed"( T-1) . the song with heavy guitar riff and beautiful classic piano melody is needless to say became thier symbol song. In an i stant, " Watershed" was selected for ending theme song of drama in TV Tokyo.

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