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Indisputably one of the most popular heavy metal bands in Japan, "SABER TIGER" was formed in 1981 by founding member Akihito Kinoshita (Guitar).

After releasing three albums through an indie metal label, the band signed their first major contract with Tokuma Japan Communications. Their 1997 Major Debut, "Project One" featuring Ron Keel on vocals, thrust "SABER TIGER" to the front of the flourishing Japanese metal scene.

After a successful collaboration with Ron Keel, the band released three great albums (Brain Drain, SABER TIGER, F.U.S.E.) with the tremendously talented singer, Takenori Shimoyama.

These three albums revealed a new maturity and improved their commercial and critical standing on the Japanese charts, adding yet another epic chapter to the band's career.

In 2002, due to different musical directions, Takenori Shimoyama decided to leave the band to pursue his own heavy metal music. Takenori Shimoyama joined the new band "DOUBLE DEALER", and made a huge success in the Japanese market and signed a Europe wide record contract with NTS/Limb Music. They proceeded to pillage through Europe on tour with "Symphony X".

After Takenori Shimoyama departed, the band persevered and continued to write and record new music. It seemed certain that "SABER TIGER" would never let their fans down and continued to be musically consistent and true to their roots for over 25 years and an unprecedented eight full length original studio albums, despite frequent member changes.

In 2010, "SABER TIGER" officially announced the ground breaking reunion with Takenori Shimoyama and reforming the band into the best line-up ever. The former Yasuharu "Machine" Tanaka (Guitar) rejoined the ranks of SABER TIGER, and Yasuhiro Mizuno joined the band as the new drummer.

In 2011, Takanobu Kimoto joined the band as the new bassist.

SABER TIGER started a new era.

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