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The Otaku Army was started in 2006 by two sisters on a mission to create a community for anime, manga, and video game fans. It was meant to be an inviting community with no elitist structure. Everyone would feel welcome to join and share their input. The community thrived for 3 years but after 3 destructive attacks on the board resulting in loss of posts and member information it was eventually decided to close down the community in 2010. But in 2011, other opportunities arose, and TOA reopened as a community of cosplayers. Eventually, TOA got into doing panels at local conventions. Though the community is still very much about the original mission of bringing together fans of all sorts to share thoughts and ideas, they also have a strong focus on cosplay and panels, and encourage anyone who wants to get involved to do so.

Make sure you check out some of TOA's wonderful events, coming to a con near you!

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