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Lipstick is theatrical rock act based in Nashville, TN. Combining the stage antics of Kiss, the technical prowess of Rush, and the pop hooks of The Beatles, Lipstick is staged to become the next great rock band of our generation. It was a slow growing process for Lipstick. Founder, Greg Troyan, carefully studied pop music history so that he would be best able to understand his craft, learning how genres of music evolve over time and how to properly package a product. Through years of work and refinement, Greg ultimately came up with the idea of Lipstick. Greg teamed with the veteran guitarist Billy Morris (ex-Warrant, ex- Quiet Riot) to record a 12 song demo and then headed to Nashville to take on the world as Lipstick. But he couldn't do it alone. Greg recruited bassist Stephen Smith and found a musical partner who turned Lipstick into something much greater than he could have done on his own. Lipstick may have started off as just the dream of Greg Troyan, but it has become something more. Lipstick has become a symbol for never losing that smile, even when things get tough. It's only a matter of time before they take over the world.

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