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Arjay Floyd

Arjay Floyd

CEO and Founder
Living for the Moments
Crestview, FL

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Arjay Floyd is an up and coming member of the cosplay press community and founder of Living for the Moments. Arjay got his start a little over a year ago by volunteering at a cosplay convention event and has fallen in love with the positivity and nurturing nature of cosplay. Overcoming some previous substance abuse issues, Arjay used the positive light in the cosplay community to overcome his addictions and become a familiar face at cons all over the south east; his Living for the Moments community strives to inspire others with the same positivity that inspired him.
Arjay's impressive career of conducting cosplay interviews has led him to hearing the stories of some of cosplays most coveted idols and has recently led to a merger between Living for the Moments and geek/cosplay news entity Word of the Nerd. Arjay's story continues to inspire - and he brings his positive, happy-go-lucky nature to all of his convention press coverage and cosplay judging! You can find Arjay's weekly interviews on his YouTube channel and his Days Til Dragoncon event coverage at Word Of the Nerd/Living for the Moments.

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