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Colorado Springs, CO

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robb has been involved with the manga world since the early '90s as one of the "godfathers" of evil scanlation projects. by the 21st century, he had "gone legit" and began translating and doing graphic work of such manga as Vampire Princess Miyu and DigiCharat for the awesome Bennett bros. manga company, Studio Ironcat. all good things must end, however, and these days, robb is flying solo with his own website,, featuring his comic, the legend of béo-woolfe and the advice column, BeaTrivia. robb is also pretty fluent in Photoshop and digital art, these days.

robb has done (and continues to do) commission work for various people and companies, but mostly he likes to draw for wunnerful people like *you*. well, when his character, Beatríz, isn't mentally flogging him, that is. (O.o;)

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