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Litchfield Park, AZ

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Amie Lynn started cosplay right after finishing high school. She became great friends with an amazingly talented illustrator and regular con attendee at the University of Arizona, the first friend she had made away from the nest. She urged Amie Lynn to go to Anime Expo and she was also the one who introduced her to the world of cosplay!

For the con, they planned to do a friendly Code Geass cosplay group, with Amie Lynn cosplaying as C.C. the witch. And you might not expect is that her first costume was bought on eBay! She had also brought another cosplay which was Fuu from her favorite anime, Samurai Champloo. It was terrifying and new and wonderful.

And since then, Amie Lynn has become an amazing cosplayer!

She loves: Art, Music, Food, Sloths, Travel, Meeting new people, Adventures - And she's also a big video game fan!

Her hobbies: Reading, Restoration Projects, Hiking, Yoga, Crafting, trying anything that will let her express her creativity!

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