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Mariedoll is a Mexican-American entertainer, singer, professional model, costume designer/cosplayer based in Houston, Texas. As an avid video gamer, anime and comic book enthusiast Mariedoll has been cosplaying since 2006 and began her glamour modeling work in 2010. She has since combined both her passion for costuming and modeling into one career and travels around Internationally as a special guest for convention appearances to showcase her craft.

Marie's work has been featured in magazines, radio stations, television and other media such as: Houston Chronicle, Tip Out Magazine, Maxim, Kotaku, Epic Games, Cadera Clothing, David Gonzales Art, 94.5 The Buzz, Japan Cinema, Comicaddictz, Examiner, and Weeble. In Television, Mariedoll hosted Barrio Beats and has appeared in a number of web series, news interviews and commercials. (Fox Houston, Lexington News, Planet Ford: Viva La Noche)

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