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Carlee started cosplaying back in the wee year of 2007 and has continued to grow in knowledge and skill since then. Her first cosplay ever was the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland developed out of the simple wonders of thrift stores and hand me downs. The first handmade cosplay she ever did was Sora from Kingdom Hearts and was constructed together with the help of her father, the cosplay went on to win 4 cosplay awards alone including a best in show and first place. After that moment, she was hooked on the cosplay bug and started doing anything and everything to craft out nifty things. AshesNewMoon has never really been one for competitive cosplay, instead she just enjoys performing for the kids she meets at cons. Her favorite thing is to be in character and have fun!!! AshesNewMoon loves making friends and teaching people what she knows in the world of cosplay. 'Sew a cosplay for a kid and you've given them a fun costume and a gift, teach a kid to sew and craft a cosplay and no matter what, you've won every heart that cosplayer touches through their experiences.' The greatest thing in AshesNewmoon's cosplay career is and always will be dedicated to making others happy with her cosplays. If a person is having a bad day, AshesNewMoon will do her best to cheer them up by interacting with them as her characters. She does this because at least for the few minutes she was interacting with them, they were not thinking about what was bringing them down. She will continue to grow in the cosplay world and teach whatever she can to those willing to learn. And of course you can guarantee she will be having a blast doing it as well!

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