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As a veteran cosplayer, Daydreamernessa is dedicated towards spreading positivity, knowledge, and a warm welcome to anyone in the convention world! She hopes to continue to be a supportive member of the community by providing guidance through her years of experience!

Starting in 2003, Nessa continues to hone her skills, and seeks out new challenges when it comes to costume recreation! She has been sewing for 14 years, specializing in various sewing techniques, pattern-drafting, and draping for excellent fit and proportion. Alongside her strong skills as a seamstress, she loves taking on projects that include resin/plastic casting, customizing fabrics through dyes and crafting armor!

She has had the honor of taking home awards for her creations; from master level craftsmanship, Best Choreography, Best Presentation, to Best in Show titles. Professionally, Nessa has promoted various series, and franchises. Her most adored experience has been the opportunity to promote Sailor Moon officially under VIZ Media in the US, even at the start of its announcement at ACEN 2014.

She is also a part of the cosplay duo Kirayume with Sparkle Pipsi! Nessa and Pipsi are like two peas in a pod when it comes to cosplaying together. It is a very harmonious partnership where many wonderful memories have been forged as they produce new costumes and groups together!

She also encourages anyone to ask to see photos of her 3 furbabies, (she's only slightly kidding)! But if you mention Sailor Moon, Idols, or Digimon watch out you might be in for some intense fangirling!

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