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Michaela Laws

Michaela Laws

Actor / Writer / Director
Chicago, IL

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Michaela Laws is voice actor, writer, and director from Chicago, Illinois. As a voice actor, Michaela has held many roles, such as a lead Terran Captain in Bitmen Studios "Galactic Conflict", Luna in Mind Designs "Mana Aerlia", and Mameha in Charis Productions "Vanity High" Season 2. She enjoys giving life to a character with her voice and loves to see the characters grow through her time with them. Training wise, Michaela pulls from her stage acting and speech team experience. Michaela not only performed in community theatre shows and competitions, but she was a Varsity Speech Team Captain in High School.
As a writer and director, Michaela also has produced many stories, such as the first English otome CD series "Our School Love" and the upcoming English otome game "Seduce Me". She has had a small hand in helping other productions grow as well, directing actors and projects as if they were her own to make them the best that they can be. When Michaela is not working, she enjoys watching anime, playing video games, drawing digital art, and playing tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Maid RPG.

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