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Noah Scammon

Noah Scammon

Voice Actor / Writer / Director
Hartford, CT

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Noah Scammon works full time as a Cartoon Voice Actor, Writer/Director and Animator, with over 10+ years in the industry working on video games, cartoons and live action film productions. He has worked for many diverse studios like cartoon network/adult swim, CBS, NBC, and many game production studios as well. Some recent game titles for voices include Dust: an Elysian tail, Super Combo Man, Apotheon, and Mega Coin Squad. Noah's ongoing work in his many fields continues to this day. Working on Writing/Directing and Voicing for new upcoming cartoon pilots, and two new series to be released soon (stay tuned!), as well as his online projects like "lefthandedsock" and "de faceman show", and collaborations with other teams such as "Sleepy Cabin" and "Signal Crash" are still continuing and going strong.

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