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Born and raised in Yamagata, Japan, HIZUMI discovered his love of music during senior high. As with many teenagers, he soon joined his first band. Fast forward some time, throw in a dramatic move to Tokyo, and BAM! D'espairsRay was born.

Over 12 years of working as the vocalist, lyricist, art director and designer for D'espairsRay, HIZUMI visited and performed in all over the world, including the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, Jrock Revolution festival in Los Angeles, the Taste of Chaos tour in America and Canada and the Human-Clad Monsters tour in Japan, North America, and Europe.

After D'espairsRay disbanded in 2011, HIZUMI started his own design company, Umbrella. Currently, he is developing a line of T-shirts, mugs, prints, and accessories.

He also designs other Japanese rock bands' merchandise, including PIERROT, D'ERLANGER, LM.C, ALvino, defspiral, and REDRUM.

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