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Ellie Hillis is a blogger, reporter, podcaster, comics historian, and cosplayer. She is a reporter and founder of Acts of Geek, and a featured contributor for Geek League of America, the Geek Initiative, and Modern Myths.

A graduate of Smith College, she wrote her senior thesis, the Surviving Superheroines: Costume, Sexuality and Identity of Female Characters in Superhero Comics, with Professor N. C. Christopher Couch. Her upcoming scholarly article is set to feature interviews with Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Claremont on the topic of Kitty Pryde and the representation of female Jewish characters in superhero comics.

She is currently the Vice President of Marketing at a New England non-profit, as well as Social Media Manager for nerdcore rapper MC Lars and a local comic shop. Her writing has been featured in a variety of RPG supplements published by Spectrum Games, and she is beta testing her RPG Best Friends Forever! Magic Adventure Sparkles and Hugs.

Her costumes have been featured on Comic Alliance's Best Cosplay Ever (This Week), Geek Exchange Magazine, and ScienceFiction.com.

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