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Barak Blackburn

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Barak Blackburn loves comicbooks and loves RPGs, and has spent much of his adult life dedicated to these two loves. He has been involved in numerous podcasts related to both, including: We 3 Geeks, MythSpoken, and The Tome Show Round Table. Before the Internet, he published Mister Density, a international zine that was featured at the New Museum in NYC; he is an FCC licensed DJ who hosted a weekly call-in radio game show; he has been profiled in the Boston Globe for his work on the Big Internet before everything went belly-up, and now works at a small independent school in New England, and spends his time reading comic books, and writing and running roleplaying games, including Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul, Retrostar and Best Friends Forever! Magic Adventure Sparkles and Hugs by Spectrum Games. He ruminates on these important topics at He is not Daredevil, believes D&D is a genre, is upset that Jason Todd returning from the dead did not produce an amazing Batman story arc, and knows that Lex Luthor is more powerful than Superman and Batman.

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