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Jason "crybringer" Robinson is:
-Creator, artist, author of "The Demon Mages", 2-issue miniseries published by Angry Viking Press LLC., plus self-published collections and works online.
-Contractor on "Skullgirls/Skullgirls Encore"; Story Mode line artist on Filia, Painwheel, Big Band, Eliza & Beowulf, plus assorted concepts and in-game assets.
-Promotional artist on "Curses N' Chaos" by Tribute Games, "Shantae: Risky's Revenge" by Wayforward Technologies.
-Contributor to doujinshi projects including Utagemusic.net, and "Little Hands" (benefit work for the 2011 Tohoku tsunami disaster.)
-Based in the Washington D.C./Baltimore region.
-Your favorite artist's favorite artist.

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