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Itaru Hinoue

Illustrator / Character Designer


Itaru Hinoue works as illustrator and character designer at "Key," a sub-brand of the Osaka based company VisualArts Co.,Ltd. She was involved as the original character designer for Kanon (which became an animated series twice), and the animated TV-shows and movies of AIR and CLANNAD, leading to a "social phenomenon." Recently Little Busters!, which she also did character design for, became an animated series. Furthermore, in visual novel, Rewrite, the multi-talented Hinoue was involved in the planning of the original story, as well as character design and direction.

Her unique illustrations and character designs made her popular even in the foreign pop-culture scene, making her one of the most famous illustrators representing Japan.

The English version of CLANNAD's visual novel will be released on Steam November 2015 by Sekai Project.

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