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Aya AKA Dancing Fighter is an up-and-coming broadcaster on twitch.tv. She is not only a fan of video games, but also anime, which she likes to incorporate into most of her shows through Cosplay. DancingFighter.tv is best known for amateur voice acting on the text-based Phoenix Wright series as well as many classic non-voiced JRPGs. She also enjoys playing many titles including the Street Fighter series, the Final Fantasy series, the Tales series, and many more! She always strives to provide quality entertainment no matter what content is on the screen!

Aya has also done a charity stream in July of 2014; when she became a partnered broadcaster on twitch. The 24 hours stream not only celebrated her partnership, but also allowed her to be able to raise around $2,000 for the Be the Match National Marrow Donor Program.

Aya is now looking to expand her channel in various ways and always looks forward to new experiences and new inspiration!

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