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Kiba Walker

Actor / Musician
Litchfield Park, AZ

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Kiba Walker is a voice actor, musician, writer, and director from the west coast. As a voice actor, Kiba can be heard in many roles, such as Liochant in "Minecraft Diaries", Kacey in "Phoenix Drop High School", Keitaro Nagame in "Camp Buddy", Haato in "Seiyuu Danshi", Robert Coconut in the video game "Flip'd", Wyatt McFly Blakely in the animated series "Aptitude", Mike Connelly in the audio series "Zoolaplex", Eric Eastwick in Intermine Studios' "The Intermine Legacy: I am the Darkness", and many others. Kiba's training ranges from theater to commercial, and also currently holds the title of Mr. LGBT America Northern Nevada.

As a musician, he has performed with various bands, including the Stereo Killers, Frankly Fictitious, Going Second, and has also won competitions for singing (Magic on the Mic, SacAnime Karaoke, Online Shows). Kiba also has dabbled in writing and directing, penning scripts for "The Fifth Night" and "Naruto: Tales from the Leaf (Abridged Series)". He loves all the anime, D&D, cosplaying, and meeting new people!

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