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Juliet Simmons is a part time human being; part-time anime hound and shy, quiet college student-well, for the most part. In the limelight, she is an actress and vocalist, voicing a variety of characters at Sentai Filmworks while also recording covers as the popular YouTube singer & utaite, JubyPhonic.
In over 5 years at Sentai Filmworks, Juliet has performed as a voice talent in over 60 shows. She was nominated for BTVA Awards 2015 for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Movie/Special for her role as Ryoko Sato in Aura: Koga Maryuin's Last War.. She appeared on national tv on Cartoon Network's Toonami in Akame Ga Kill as Kurome and she also played Chiyo Sakura in Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun to rave reviews. Chiyo was such a dream role and favorite character that she says she feels she can 'now die happy'. Other favorite characters so far have been Midori Tokiwa from Tamako Market and Madoka Harumi from Dog & Scissors.
JubyPhonic is her singer persona and the name for her YouTube channel that already has well over half a million fans & subscribers. Reaching near quarter of a billion views this year, fans and collaborators from around the world come together for her covers of VOCALOID, anime, and new works. As JubyPhonic, she has shared English covers of mostly Japanese VOCALOID recordings over the internet near 6 years--since age 17. She writes translyrics, sings, records, mixes, subs, and at times makes artwork for her own English covers of favorite synthetic Japanese singers and bedroom composers aka VOCALOID. Her purpose was to make the uniquely evocative and story-telling computer songs accessible to a broader audience with quality English renditions. The channel took off quickly, and she never looked back.
People sometimes are curious about how exactly she got her start down these creative paths. She says that performing and being creative just felt like it came naturally. And it definitely helped that she shared in all the family artistic pursuits since little - innumerable musical theater performances, dance & voice recitals, choir shows, acting classes for theater/film, art & electronic media, and lots and lots of vocal training. From there, one thing just led to another.
Not too bad for a three year old, raised on the painted pages of harems and gunslingers, stuck hard on anime with her siblings. And all forced to leave the house for endless hours of acting & singing lessons due to a loving, concerned mother. Three years and countless anime dreams fulfilled later, she has arrived at a point in her life that would most likely bring three-year old Juliet to her knees in shock.

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