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Astarohime is one of the most known cosplayers in Russia and the world.
She's been cosplaying for over 8 years and has more than a hundred costumes in her wardrobe, blowing minds with outstanding precision of her costumes. She's a dreamer, a prop-maker, a seamstress and a fairy.
Astarohime is a living example of no limitations in cosplay - she is known for making fantastic princess cosplays in huge and intricately decorated dresses as well as portraying male characters with severe simplicity.
Her best known work is, perhaps, cosplay of Trinity Blood artbooks by Thores Shibamoto. Created with love and care, it was singled out by the artist herself.
All cosplays, from sketches to the finest details, are made by Astarohime. That's why Astarohime has been named the winner of over 50 cosplay contests in Russia, Europe and Asia.
For the past 3 years Astarohime has been a representative of Russia on foreign cosplay conventions as a guest of honor and a member of the jury. Her considerable experience allows her to justly judge the participants' work, while her positive personality always leads her to encourage and cheer them up before taking the center stage.
Most of all in cosplay she values the chance to give others pleasure and to have fun.
Astarohime is a self-made girl. Everything, from sewing to stying wigs to applying make-up she learned on her own. Despite never touching a lipstick before the age of 15, only after a couple of years Astarohime reached unbelievable heights in that area.
She believes that cosplay gives a unique chance to find hidden talents in oneself and to give those a chance to blossom. She doesn't want to stop and rest on her laurels, always ready to learn something new and exciting.

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