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Christian and Yvon Tremblay are self---taught artists in the classical mediums of fine art drawing, painting, sculpture, and animation. From studying and perfecting their talents in the basement of their parent's home in Montréal, to successfully selling & producing several animated series in Hollywood, the Tremblays have come to be recognized internationally as a prolific and unique creative force. In more than twenty---five years working in the field of visual arts and animation, the Tremblays have been associated, as independent creators of original IPs, with many of Hollywood's most prominent studios including: New Line Television, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks Animation, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Vivendi Games, Fox Television, Nickelodeon, Hanna---Barbera, Fremantle Media Group, Saban International, Film Roman, Sony Entertainment, as well as with the large Canadian broadcasters Télétoon, YTV, and Radio---Canada.
Their creations, such as Edward, Mega Babies, Loonatics Unleashed and Swat---Kats have been broadcasted in prime---time and syndicated in more than one hundred and twenty countries around the globe. The Tremblays were also the creators and executive producers of a French language series entitled "Vie de Quartier," the first ever prime time animated series to be air aired by the Canadian broadcaster Radio---Canada. They are currently producing an all---new animated series based on one of the most iconic animated cartoons in history, Felix the Cat, as well continuing to develop original and world branded content.
The Tremblays have been involved in a wide spectrum of transmedia projects from television, internet, and video games, to feature films. Their experience, vision, and creative style have cemented the Tremblay's as top---tier content creators, on the cutting---edge of artistic trends.

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