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DJ Bass

Disc Jockey
Tokyo, Japan

In 1990, as a local DJ he formed the legendary rap group ZINGI. Later he broke out into his own as a popular DJ working with local musical artists on a wide range of activities, such as front artist to major label bands, producer, and mixologist. His specialty musical genres include rap and hip hop.
Throughout the 1990's, he opened for famous American rap and hip hop acts on tour in Japan including the Beastie Boys, Coolio, and Public Enemy.

In 2006, he formed GYUTANG-CLAN with MAR from the ZINGI era, participated in B-Boy Park and other events, and released an album with GYUTANG-CLAN.

He released his mix CD Honey Vol. 1 in 2007 and collaborated with Shibuya 27 Destiny brand mobstyles. He also toured across Japan with INORAN (of LUNA SEA) and was a front act at the DJ Japan Tour.

His mix CD Honey Vol. 2 released in April of 2008. That same year, he personally selected DJs for PITCH CONTROLLERS' first mix CD and participated in the JOHN'S SURF national tour. After about 2 years, GYUTANG-CLAN released 3 new songs on iTunes.

The next year he produced the first album (Bali 3) of hip hop group TIP TOP and provided 2 songs. He also released a third volume of Honey, played at the AfterParty convention in New Jersey, and toured with both the V-Rock Festival 2009 and DJ Premier.

November 2010 marked the 20th anniversary of ZINGI and the release of their album Z SOUL.

A fourth volume of Honey was released in June 2011.

DJ BASS currently backs INORAN and continues to participate in PITCH CONTROLLERS events, as well as FAKE!?, the new project from KENLLOYD (of OBLIVION DUST).

His music is available on iTunes, including Bali 3 and several of his mix CDs.

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