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Tokyo, Japan

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KAO=S is a Japanism Art Rock Band whose members include vocalist and sword performer Kaori "Lady Samurai" Kawabuchi, Tsugaru Shamisen instrumentalist Jack, and vocalist/acoustic guitarist Shuji Yamagiri. KAO=S was founded in Tokyo out of the turmoil that followed the 2011 T?hoku earthquake and tsunami; the band distilled a new style of Japanese art to bring to the world, which it termed 'chaos' or, following the Japanese pronunciation, KAO=S ('Kah-oss'). Their sound is a blend of vocals and acoustic guitar, overlaid with traditional Japanese instruments such as the three-string Tsugaru shamisen, using a full range of effects. Complemented by Kaori's spellbindingly powerful sword dance, KAO=S quickly caught people's attention.

In 2012, KAO=S was invited to perform at SXSW2012, and the band embarked on a nationwide U.S. tour. The following year, KAO=S returned to SXSW before appearing next at JAPAN EXPO 2013 in France. KAO=S performed on the main stage and received a great response from the audience thanks to the unique sound of their raw instruments, as well as wide media coverage of their performance. In 2014, KAO=S signed a contract with German record label ammpmusic to release a single in July, and performed a live show at the Tokyo International Music Market in October. They were greatly received by the many overseas buyers who attended the event, and were asked to appear on the CNN International program "The Art of Movement" in November. They were the first Japanese band to covered by this program, with their episode airing in January.

With such opportunities already given to them in such a short amount of time, KAO=S is only beginning their journey to bring their unique style to the world to all who are ready to both see and listen.

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